Open Access Peer Reviewed Journals

Thankfully, a solution to the publishing problem exists. Open-access journals, which maintain the same peer-review rigor as traditional journals, return the “for-profit” model to a “for-science” model.

( —A recent study paid for by the European Commission, and conducted and published by (the non-peer reviewed. Advocates of open access suggest the numbers found by the researchers don’t.

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Open Access journals are. This system provides easy access to networks of scientific journals. Authors that contribute their scholarly works to peer.

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New Rochelle, NY, June 25, 2016–Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers announces the launch of Health Equity, a new peer-reviewed open access journal that will address the urgent need for authoritative.

It is our hope that the LIBRE project will encourage the spawning of other similar platforms and “green” open access repositories embracing our author-guided peer review model. Academic journals can.

Both William G. Kaelin and Gregg L. Semenza are founding members of Oncotarget, launched in 2010. Oncotarget is a weekly peer.

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The study, "Development of an integrated fingerstick blood self-collection device for radiation countermeasures," was.

We need change. It’s the digital age that allows that change, and the very best open access journals that are leading the development of new approaches to peer review. Where research is made freely.

New Rochelle, NY, October 17, 2018 – Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers announces the launch of Journal of Women’s Health Reports, a new peer-reviewed open access companion to the highly regarded.

The only way to provide open access to peer-reviewed journal articles is to publish in open access journals Open access delivered by journals is called "gold" open access and open access delivered by.

PeerJ is a new peer reviewed journal for computer science. It will be open access, which means that readers don’t have to pay, but authors will need a publishing plan. Is this as good as it gets? No.

The authors can also include in their grant budgets the fees that open-access journals charge for peer review and other costs, usually about $2000 to $3000 per paper. Singer says that, for now, NCI.

2015 — The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) will expand its open access program in 2016 with today’s announcement of ACS Omega, a new open access, multidisciplinary.

Ledger, a new peer-reviewed scholarly journal. University of Pittsburgh, as an open-access journal. The Ledger editorial board includes representatives from MIT, Stanford University, Duke.

"Traditional peer-reviewed journals largely focus on the end result of a research project—the outcomes or findings—and less on the procedural, technical, and methodological building blocks that.

Open Access journals launched and thrived at the turn of the century. their work publicly and as soon as it’s ready for.

The past week has seen rather lively discussion about the scientific publishing industry and peer review. advent of open-access publishing, readers have been expected to foot the costs of the.

On 4 July, good news arrived in the inbox of Ocorrafoo Cobange, a biologist at the Wassee Institute of Medicine in Asmara. It was the official letter of acceptance for a paper he had submitted 2.