Pratt Social Science And Cultural Studies

As chair, Horowitz will be responsible for leading Pratt’s Social Science and Cultural Studies Department, which is part of the Institute’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and includes a bachelor.

“Along with Macarena Gómez-Barris, who joined us last year as chair of the Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies, these new chairs represent the future of the liberal arts at Pratt, that.

The Pratt Center for Community Development; Pratt’s Initiative for Arts, Community, and Social Change (IACSC); and Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation (BSRC) will present "Amplify Action:.

The Social Justice/Social Practice Minor gives Pratt students the opportunity to bring their studio and design practice into dialogue with critical and transformative perspectives related to equity.

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As World Refugee Day arrives this June and brings heightened attention to refugees and the situations they face, below are several examples of recent projects by Pratt students. Department of.

“Pratt faculty, staff, and students are redefining what. such as Associate Professor of Social Science and Cultural Studies Uzma Rizvi and Director of the Spatial Analysis and Visualization.

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The process to develop Pratt Institute’s next Strategic Plan and establish. Gomez-Barris, Chair of Social Science and Cultural Studies (and Global Education Committee co-chair); Donna Heiland, Vice.

Please contact Minh-Ha Pham ([email protected]) for more information. The minor in Media Studies provides students with. Electives relevant to media studies offered through Pratt’s Social Science and.

As the year comes to a close, here is a collection of new beginnings—as written and created by Pratt faculty. Zimring, Professor of Social Science and Cultural Studies “There’s a marble bust of a.

Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary foundation for critical exploration of the relations between cultural practices, everyday life, and material production in economic, political, geographical,

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The Critical and Visual Studies program’s mission is. and historically informed understanding of how culture is made and lived; the ability to develop and integrate written, oral, visual, spatial,

Please contact Chris Vitale ([email protected]) for more information. The Minor in Cinema Studies includes one required. and one focused on non-western Cinema. Cinema Studies related electives from.

A recent NPR piece quotes Professor Carl Zimring about Broken Angel, an unofficial Brooklyn landmark that was cobbled together by self-taught architect and sculptor Arthur Wood.

Pratt graduates emerge as creative professionals whose. administered by the department of Social Science and Cultural Studies 3 credits from the “Ways of Knowing/Thinking/Doing” Core Menu also.

Pratt’s School of Liberal Arts and Sciences has a comprehensive curriculum in Social Science and Cultural Studies that fosters critical thinking, but I can also address the question from the.

Doing philosophy is a commitment to. better models for the future and the present, and studies major thinkers of the past whose influence continues to shape modern culture. Central to the Minor at.

Cultural theorist and literary scholar Andrew Barnes has been named dean of Pratt. Social Sciences at William Paterson University of New Jersey, began his appointment July 1, 2011. His research.

The Psychology minor at Pratt Institute provides students with a deep grounding. SS-391 = CHILD & ADOLESCENT DEVELOPMENT OR SS-444 = ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY OR SS-456 = SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OR SS-232 =.

The program is coordinated by Professor Ric Brown and is housed in the Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies, chaired by Gregg M. Horowitz. The department is part of the Pratt Institute.

The Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies is pleased to offer the Minor in History. The minor draws from the vibrancy of the art and design environment of the institute while training.