Professor Layotn And The Curious Village

Details On the counter, we have a 10-quart pitcher full of milk, an empty seven-quart pitcher, and an empty three-quart pitcher. The pitchers are unmarked, and your task is to divide the 10 quarts of.

Details One of the four shapes below has one less match than the rest of them. While studying these four small shapes, your friend approaches you with a riddle. "I’m thinking of something that is.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village is an outstanding mix of charm and logic that’s likely to make a pretty deep impression on you. I want to be Professor Layton when I grow up. There, I said it.

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Details Legend has it that people used to stare up at the heavens and find images of animals or important events in the constellations. Looking up at the star-filled sky here, try to connect the five.

Details You have business on the eighth floor of a 10-story building. It took you 48 seconds to make your way from the first floor to the fourth. If you keep moving at the same speed, how long will it.

Details Tired of leading a sheltered life, this princess is trying to leave her castle. Armed guards, however, are blocking her path. Slide the blocks out of the way to move the red one out the exit.

Details A work from a famous artist was recently discovered. The painting is a self-portrait of the painter in his later years and is entitled "My Beloved". Assuming the artist wasn’t a huge.

Details A father and son are having a conversation. The father turns to the son and says: "You know, son, there was a time when your old man was twice the age of your mother. Of course, the next year,

Details The three-and six-dotted sides of several die are lined up end-to-end to form a particular pattern. Which of the three options below should go next in order to continue the pattern? Hint 1.

Details Seven prizewinning pigs are lazing about in a pen. To make sure that the pigs don’t fight with each other, you’ve decided to section off the pen with three ropes. Can you hitch the ropes to.

Details Below are 12 weights that are visually identical to one another. Among these is a single weight that has a different weight from the others. The problem is that you don’t know whether this.

Details Below is a diagram of a flag. From the measurements shown on the diagram, can you calculate what fraction of the flag’s total area is represented by the diamond in the middle? Your answer will.

Details A jokerless deck of 52 cards sits on the table. The cards are shuffled thoroughly and divided into two stacks of 26 cards labeled A and B. If you divide the cards as described above and check.

Details Oh, no! The town is in grave peril! As you read this, a fearsome monster is launching an attack on St. Mystere! Ward off the beast by stabbing it in the eye! And for goodness’ sake, HURRY!.

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Details A rope and coins are arranged as shown below. As you pull the ends of the rope out to the left and right, the rope will draw taut and push the coin to either side. Assuming you only get to.

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Details A tennis ball has rolled its way down into a hole. This particular hole is extremely deep and has a sharp bend in the middle, making the ball impossible to retrieve by hand. To make matters.

Details The box below holds blue and red balls. As you can see, the color of the balls and the color of their respective areas don’t match. Slide the balls around the box so that red balls are in the.